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===Installation Manuals===
===Installation Manuals===
see [[:Category:Installation Manuals|Installation Manuals]]
see [[:Category:Installation Manuals| Current Installation Manuals]]
=== WeBWorK software download ===
=== WeBWorK software download ===

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Installation Manuals

see Current Installation Manuals

WeBWorK software download

WeBWorK online homework software is located at http://github.com/openwebwork.

webwork2 -- the instructor and user interface
pg       -- the macros for rendering questions
webwork-open-problem-library  -- library of 35K+ homework questions

Github Overview

The page Github Overview provides a more conceptual description of git and Github.com. It has instructions for using git and github as a developer as well as additional advanced tricks and shortcuts for keeping a WeBWorK installation up to date.

Quick instructions for updating WeBWorK to the GitHub version

Github Overview

References for GitHub and Git

For those who are ready for complete immersion into all things git -- here are several references.

(unreviewed at the moment -- YMVV)