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This page has ideas for a new Homework Set Editor (HSE) based on discussions at WeBWorK::Rochester in June 2012. There are plans to spend time developing this at the code camp WeBWorK::Fitchburg in October 2012.

A new interface and flow of an HSE is based on what instructors do in creating/changing homework sets. Instructors do (or want to do) the following things with homework sets

  1. import existing homework sets from other courses (either on the same server or other location)
  2. create a new homework set (using problems from the local server or the OPL)
  3. change problems on an existing homework set
  4. change settings for existing homework sets (due dates/times, set type, who they are assigned to, etc.)
  5. Score/download results of finished homework sets

Based on these ideas, the goal will be to simplify and clarify the homework set editor and possibly combine a number of the tasks in the instructor tools and scoring tools

The following is a detailed look at the new HSE:

Import Sets

  • Import sets from a set definition file
  • Copy a set from an existing course on the same server
  • Download a set from another server (possibly a central server like webwork.maa.org)

Create New Homework Sets

  • Create an empty homework set and add problems from the local server or the OPL

Change Problems on an Existing Sets

  • For an existing set (possibly from importing), change the problems (add, delete, edit problems, reorder). This will need to tie into the Problem Editor.

Change Settings for Existing Homework Sets

  • The settings to change include due dates/times, reduced credit, type of assignment, header files.

Score and Download Results of Finished Homework Sets

  • Show the scores of a completed homework set. Have the ability to download the results.