Hosting WeBWorK courses on the MAA servers

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Request a course at the MAA server

The MAA offers limited free trial as well as paid hosting. For more information, please visit:

Request a course (paid hosting) by filling out the form at .


Institutions having an active, paid MAA Departmental membership, at the time the WebWork subscription order is received, are entitled to a discounted membership rate. Institutions which do not have an active departmental membership are not eligible for the discount.

MAA Departmental Members: $200

Non-members: $300

Previously hosted courses

  • All of the courses previously hosted at Rochester have been transferred to the MAA site and the links to have been redirected. Only recently active courses have been unarchived however.
  • If you have a course that you would like reactivated that had not been unarchived and does not appear on the webpage fill out the form at and in the box "Please provide any additional information about your course", give the full original URL of your course at Rochester.

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