Installing WeBWorK from a Virtual Machine Image

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See also: Installing WeBWorK from a Live DVD and Installing WeBWorK on Live USB


After installing WeBWorK from a Virtual Machine Image, you will have a full fledged Ubuntu system with WeBWorK, Apache2, MySQL, etc. installed and configured. If your network uses DHCP, networking will be automatically configured for your system. If it uses static IP addresses, you will have to configure networking. Also it is imperative that you CHANGE THE DEFAULT PASSWORDS for the OS users root and wwadmin (which has sudo privileges), for the MySQL users root and webworkWrite, and for the WeBWorK user admin which has professor privileges. See the specific instructions below.

WeBWorK Virtual Machine Images

Current Virtual Machine Images

Installing_from_WW2.10_Ubuntu14.04_Vanilla Virtual Machine Image These instructions cover the installation of the Ubuntu Linux 14.04.2LTS 64 bit operating system and WeBWorK 2.10 using the WeBWorK Virtual Machine Image.

This "vanilla" version of the server should work find for smaller installations (say a 1000 users or less). There will be a "production" version that adds things like lighttpd,log rotations, etc that are useful for larger installations and/or slower servers. Note that you can always start with the vanilla version and make additions or changes after setting up your server.

Older Outdated Virtual Machine Images

Consult for other WeBWorK documentation for system administrators.

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