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This form is used to register all institutions using WeBWorK except institutions whose courses are being hosted on MAA servers. If your courses are being hosted by the MAA, MAA staff will handle registration (contact Maia Henley <> if your site is not listed on the WeBWorK_Sites page).

Here are instructions for filling out the form.

  • For "University" enter the formal name of your institution (e.g. University of California, Berkeley).
  • For "Latitude/Longitude" enter the Latitude and Longitude of your institution using the format 43.112889,-77.633944. The best way to find this is to search on Google Maps for your institution, right click on the resulting pin and select "What's here". Under the search box, an info card with coordinates will appear. Then copy the numbers that appear. Note that on older versions of Google Maps, the coordinates will appear in the search box at the top of the page.
  • For "Is your site active" select "Yes"
  • For "Hosting" leave this as "server" if you are using a server at your own institution. If your courses are being hosted at another institution, enter something like "Hosted at University of Rochester". Do not leave this field empty.

Then take the "Human Test" and submit the form. Look at the page WeBWorK Sites and your institution should appear in the listing of all WeBWorK sites. Also check that your institution shows up at the correct location on the map.

If you have any difficulty contact Arnie Pizer <>.