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! Repository
! Repository
! <code>'''''repository_name'''''</code>
! '''''repository_name'''''
| [http://cvs.webwork.rochester.edu/viewcvs.cgi/?cvsroot=Arizona+State+University Arizona State University]
| [http://cvs.webwork.rochester.edu/viewcvs.cgi/?cvsroot=Arizona+State+University Arizona State University]

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This is a list of CVS repositories hosted by The WeBWorK Project. They can be accessed by anyone via Anonymous CVS or by developers via CVS Commit Access.

WeBWorK can be installed from CVS. For more information, see Category:Installation Manuals.

University of Rochester's repositories

Repository repository_name Modules of note module_name
UR WeBWorK System system WeBWorK 2.x webwork2
PG Macros/Libraries pg
UR Problem Library rochester Problem Library rochester_problib
Physics Problem Library rochester_physics_problib
Grade 8 Problem Library rochester_grade8problems

Repositories hosted for other schools

Use the link to take a look at the repository in question to get the names of available modules.

Repository repository_name
Arizona State University asu
California State University Long Beach csulb
Dartmouth College dartmouth
Detroit County Day School dcds
Indiana University indiana
Northern Arizona University nau
Ohio State University ohio-state
SUNY Stony Brook sunysb
The College of New Jersey tcnj
UC Santa Barbara ucsb
Union College union
University of New Hampshire unh