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* [[Description|Full Description of WeBWorK]]
* [[Description|Full Description of WeBWorK]]
* [[Architecture|WeBWorK's Architecture]]
* [[Architecture|WeBWorK's Architecture]]
* [[Download|Download WeBWorK]]
== Documentation ==
== Documentation ==

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WeBWorK is a free (GPL/Artistic) Perl-based system for delivering individualized homework problems over the web. By providing students with immediate feedback as to the correctness of their answers, students are encouraged to make multiple attempts until they succeed. By individualizing problems, cheating is discouraged. By providing instructors with real-time statistics, lesson plans can be customized to better serve students.


  • Students — For students; how to use WeBWorK.
  • Instructors — For instructors; how to use WeBWorK.
  • Administrators — Installing, upgrading, and maintaining WeBWorK installations.
  • Authors — Instructors: documents and examples on writing homework questions in WeBWorK's PG language.
  • Developers — Documents for WeBWorK developers.
  • Problem Libraries — A partial index to WeBWorK homework questions which have already been written.


  • Forums — Get answers to questions about all aspects of WeBWorK.
  • Databases — Collections of various data related to WeBWorK. (Installations, PG macros, publications, etc.)
  • Using WeBWorK — Moodle course for usage issues (Most of the content from this course is being moved onto this wiki.)
  • Assessment — Moodle course for WeBWorK assessment issues.
  • Accessibility — Moodle course for WeBWorK accessibility issues.
  • WeBWorK community — WeBWorK's history; who uses WeBWorK
  • AIM07/Working Groups — working groups formed at the AIM workshop in August of 2007
  • Grants, awards, and support