Mathematical notation recognized by WeBWorK

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Operators recognized by WeBWorK, in order from highest to lowest precedence. Not all operators are available in all problems.

Operator Prec. Type Associativity Description
_ 9 binary left Vector and matrix element extraction
! 8 unary right Factorial
^ 7 binary right Exponentiation
** 7 binary right Exponentiation
+ 6 unary left Unary plus (indicates that a value is positive)
- 6 unary left Unary minus (indicates that a value is negative)
/ 3 binary left Division
* 3 binary left Multiplication
. 2 binary left Vector dot product
>< 2 binary left Vector cross product
U 1.5 binary left Union
- 1 binary left Subtraction
+ 1 binary left Addition
, 0 binary left List (vector, set, point, etc.) separator



In general, functions can be used with or without parentheses. For example, cosx, cos x, and cos(x) are all equivalent. However, using parentheses makes grouping more explicit and are recommended.

Simple trig functions
  • sin()
  • cos()
  • tan()
  • sec()
  • csc()
  • cot()

InverseTrig => [qw(asin acos atan asec acsc acot arcsin arccos arctan arcsec arccsc arccot atan2)],

  SimpleHyperbolic  => [qw(sinh cosh tanh sech csch coth)],
  InverseHyperbolic => [qw(asinh acosh atanh asech acsch acoth
                           arcsinh arccosh arctanh arcsech arccsch arccoth)],
  Numeric     => [qw(log log10 exp sqrt abs int sgn ln logten)],
  Vector      => [qw(norm unit)],
  Complex     => [qw(arg mod Re Im conj)],