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On-line labs for rendering of PG code. These two labs allow you to experiment with PG syntax.

  • Write problem fragments in PG

For example:

$f = Compute("x^2-3x+5");
$fp = $f->D; # calculate the derivative
TEXT($fp->cmp->evaluate("2x-3")->pretty_print );
  • On the last line TEXT prints the results of (reading from left to right)
    • Constructing the AnswerEvaluator for the contents of the Formula $fp
    • Evaluating the string "2x-3" using this AnswerEvaluator to produce an AnswerHash
    • Recursively representing the contents of the AnswerHash in a nice table

  • Experiment with the new PG markup language syntax (PGML)] which simplifies the graphical layout

of the mathematics question.