PREP 2011 Notes June 23

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Meeting at Carriage House

June 23, 2011


  • maa-ch
  • euler2007



  • course manifest
  • syllabus
  • course_info.txt
  • minimum of 12 assignments

General Workflow

  • find good NPL problems to fill out assignment
  • improve them by writing solutions, hints, converting to math objects, etc.
  • write new problems if necessary
  • write set definition files
  • save files to a nicely named directory relative to your model course
    • if copied from NPL, reference the original problem
  • testing, including export to pdf
  • export

Daily Outline

  • Morning: Talks
  • Afternoon: Work
  • 5:00pm status reports


Using Webwork for Mathematics with Business Decisions

  • Share course materials with colleagues as one large zipped file with all dates, etc. set in a reasonable manner
    • Open dates all the same before the start of the course
    • Due dates starting one week into the course for the first set and then adding a week for each additional set
    • Answer due date set to far into the future
  • Editing course header and set header files

all typos and misteaks ;) by John Travis