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This article has been retained as a historical document. It is not up-to-date and the formatting may be lacking. Use the information herein with caution.


The WeBWorKTeam is pleased to announce the release of WeBWorK 2.1. This release includes new functionality and enhancements to the user interface, database system, and PG language:

  • New sql_single database layout, for more efficient access to SQL databases.
  • New mathematical-expression parser (for use in writing PG problems).
  • New File Manager module provides full access to course files. (Will replace File Xfer module in a future release.)
  • New Problem Set Detail module allows editing of set data (dates, headers), editing of problems (source file, value, etc.), and reordering of problems.
  • Time zone support
  • Improvements to jsMath display mode.
  • Many usability and cosmetic improvements.
  • Many bugfixes.

(Contributiors: please feel free to add anything I've forgotten.)


WeBWorK 2.1 requires PGLanguageRelease2pt1. Both WeBWorK and PG are available on our SourceForge project page:

Installation directly from CVS is also possible. Refer to the InstallationManualV2pt1 for more information.


Documentation on installing and configuring WeBWorK is available in the InstallationManualV2pt1. If you are upgrading an existing installation, be sure to read the section Upgrading an existing WeBWorK installation.

Using the new 'sql_single' database layout

The new sql_single database layout stores the data for all courses using the layout in a single database, reducing the number of connections that need to be made to the SQL server and eliminates the need for database to be created and deleted as courses are created and deleted. It also adds indexing to data tables, improving system speed.

To learn more about the database options available in WeBWorK 2.1, including the sql_single layout, consult the Database configuration section of InstallationManualV2pt1 and the DatabaseLayoutManual.

Before creating courses using the sql_single layout (or converting existing courses), you must create a single database and grant access to it.

We suggest that you convert all courses using the sql database layout to use sql_single instead and add indexing to converted courses. Instructions are available in the CourseAdministrationManual.


If you need help installing or using WeBWorK 2.1, consult WeBWorKDocs and WeBWorKFAQs.

You can also visit the WeBWorK discussion group and post your question there. The developers monitor this forum.

Bug Reports & Feature Requests

Submit bug reports and feature requests at We can't fix bugs and add features if you don't tell us about them!


While we welcome patches of any sort, by patching against the latest CVS code, you save us and yourself time. A bug in this release may be fixed in CVS, and we can more easily handle patches against the latest code. Check out the latest development version from CVS and patch against that. Consult the WeBWorKCVS topic for more information.

-- Main.SamHathaway - 28 Oct 2004