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== Software repo ==
The beta version of release 2.5.2 can be downloaded
from github.com/openwebwork by downloading the repos webwork2-dev
and pg-dev

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                         Online Homework Delivery System                        
                                  Version 2.5.2                                

                    Copyright 2000-2012, The WeBWorK Project                    
                              All rights reserved.                              


Beta release date: August, 2012

Github repository:  https://github.com/openwebwork
Modules:    webwork2-dev   pg-dev

Construction.png This article is under construction. Use the information herein with caution until this message is removed.

Software repo

The beta version of release 2.5.2 can be downloaded

from github.com/openwebwork by downloading the repos webwork2-dev

and pg-dev

New features for 2.5.2

  • Highlights
    • MathAchievements module added. When turned on it provides "gamefication" for WeBWorK.
    • New features for Admin courses editor page.
    • Experimental editor pages: HmwkEditor1,2;,ClasslistEditor1,2; PGProblemEditor1,2,3
    • Basic support for the ipad.

  • Configuration files
    • configuration files split into prelocal.conf, global.conf.dist,postlocal.conf ** this makes incremental upgrading of webwork2 much easier since the configuration files will not in general need to be rewritten.
    • VERSION file indicates the current version of WeBWorK which is printed in the footer of each page.
  • MathAchievements module added.
  • Admin pages:
    • Ability to show/hide courses from the command line
    • Replace email registration of WeBWorK site with link to the MAA registration form.
  • Editor pages
    • There are new (beta) editors for homework, classlists, librarybrowser and PGproblemeditor.
    • There is a setting in postlocal.conf which allows you to determine which links to editors are displayed in the left margin. (You can hide the more experimental browsers if you wish.)
    • Homework editor pages
    • Classlist editor pages
    • PGProblemEditor pages
    • LibraryBrowser pages
      • There are now three alternatives for browsing the collection of problems (WeBWorK Open Problem Library or OPL for short. Formerly called NPL)
  • Add basic support for using WeBWorK on the ipad. This makes WeBWorK useable on an ipad and iphone but it has not yet been optimized for ipad use.
  • Dates, Time and Timezones
    • pop up menu date entry for some (not all) date entry in HmwkEditor2
  • Localization
  • Authorization
    • Add module for authorizing using the shibboleth module.
    • LTI standard interface installed allowing for WeBWorK integration into Course Management Systems using that standard. (thanks to Bill Wheeler)
  • More changes under the hood
    • webwork webservice: Upgrades to the to serve LibraryBrowser
    • webwork webservice: Allow option to assign homework when user is added via web service (John Hsu at UBC)
    • webwork webservice: Allow course creation via webservice (John Hsu at UBC)

Release notes for PG 2.5.2

  • Under the hood
    • Improvements to the PG warning and debug message channels