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** This replaces the showPastAnswers logs and also supports the essayQuestion feature.
** This replaces the showPastAnswers logs and also supports the essayQuestion feature.
== New features for 2.5.2 ==
== New features for WW2.5.2 ==
* Highlights
* Highlights
** MathAchievements module added. When turned on it provides "gamefication" for WeBWorK.
** New features for Admin courses editor page.
** Experimental editor pages: HmwkEditor1,2;,ClasslistEditor1,2; PGProblemEditor1,2,3
** Basic support for the ipad.
* Configuration files
== New features for PG2.5.2
** configuration files split into prelocal.conf, global.conf.dist,postlocal.conf ** this makes incremental upgrading of webwork2 much easier since the configuration files will not in general need to be rewritten.
** VERSION file indicates the current version of WeBWorK which is printed in the footer of each page.
* MathAchievements module added.
* Admin pages:
** Ability to show/hide courses from the command line
** Replace email registration of WeBWorK site with link to the MAA registration form.
* Editor pages
** There are new (beta) editors for homework, classlists, librarybrowser and PGproblemeditor.
** There is a setting in postlocal.conf which allows you to determine which links to editors are displayed in the left margin. (You can hide the more experimental browsers if you wish.)
** Homework editor pages
** Classlist editor pages
** PGProblemEditor pages
** LibraryBrowser pages
*** There are now three alternatives for browsing the collection of problems (WeBWorK Open Problem Library or OPL for short. Formerly called NPL)
* Add basic support for using WeBWorK on the ipad. This makes WeBWorK useable on an ipad and iphone but it has not yet been optimized for ipad use.
* Dates, Time and Timezones
** pop up menu date entry for some (not all) date entry in HmwkEditor2
* Localization
* Authorization
** Add module for authorizing using the shibboleth module.
** LTI standard interface installed allowing for WeBWorK integration into Course Management Systems using that standard. (thanks to Bill Wheeler)
* More changes under the hood
** webwork webservice: Upgrades to the to serve LibraryBrowser
** webwork webservice: Allow option to assign homework when user is added via web service (John Hsu at UBC)
** webwork webservice: Allow course creation via webservice (John Hsu at UBC)
== Release notes for PG 2.5.2 ==
== Release notes for PG 2.5.2 ==

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                         Online Homework Delivery System                        
                                  Version 2.5.2                                

                    Copyright 2000-2012, The WeBWorK Project                    
                              All rights reserved.                              


Beta release date: August, 2012

Github repository:  https://github.com/openwebwork
Modules:    webwork2   pg

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Software repo

This repo is currently in mgage/webwork2-dev branch: ww2.5.2

Upgrading from ww2.5.1 will require:

  • Replacing the current database.conf with database.conf.dist (assuming you have made no changes to your local database.conf version)
    • new tables and fields have been added for the essayQuestion feature.
  • Upgrading the tables by visiting the admin page -- which will create a showPastAnswers table
    • This replaces the showPastAnswers logs and also supports the essayQuestion feature.

New features for WW2.5.2

  • Highlights

== New features for PG2.5.2

Release notes for PG 2.5.2

  • Under the hood
    • Improvements to the PG warning and debug message channels