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svn co http://svn.webwork.maa.org/{{{repo}}}/trunk/{{{dir}}}

This template should be used in place of hard-coding svn checkout instructions into the wiki. This way, it will be easy to update the checkout instructions all at once across the wiki when instructions change.


 {{SVN checkout
 |repo = 
 |branch = 
 |dir = 



May take the value of system or npl


May take the value of trunk or a specific branch or tag of the code. To refer to a specific branch or tag you must enter e.g. branches/rel-2-4-patches or tags/rel-2-4-7. Note that the value of branch will default to the current stable release branch. When the current stable release branch changes, a single change in this template will update all installation instructions which use this template. To use the default value for branches simply call the template without that parameter. Since the NPL is always checked out with trunk, don't forget to include branch = trunk whenever using this template for NPL checkout instructions.


If the repo = npl this should probably be NationalProblemLibrary. If repo = system, this should probably be webwork2 or pg. However, the repos have other subdirectories, and those may also be used in this template if needed.


 {{SVN checkout

gives: svn co http://svn.webwork.maa.org/webwork2/trunk/webwork2

 {{SVN checkout

gives: svn co http://svn.webwork.maa.org/system/trunk/pg

 {{SVN checkout
 |repo = npl
 |branch = trunk
 |dir = NationalProblemLibrary

gives: svn co http://svn.webwork.maa.org/npl/trunk/NationalProblemLibrary