Translating OPL Problems

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For tranlating WeBWorK OPL problems, please adhere to the following conventions:

  • The language tag will use ISO 639.1. So, a problem written in French would have
## Language(fr)

among its OPL tags.

  • Problem files should just have one language rather than if/then's to code them up.
  • We recommend that problems which are translations of each other be in the same directory with the same name, but with the 639.1 label at the end, as in and
  • But, if you translate an existing problem, do not change the existing file name to since that would break existing paths.
  • It is possible down the line that we may use the file name as a way of picking up languages, but we don't want to rush to that, so use a language tag, e.g. Language(fr)
  • Problems without a language tag will be assumed to be English, but authors new of English language problems are encouraged to use the Language(en) tag.