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In short, I am a 46 year old public school math teacher at Brookfield High School in Brookfield, CT. I am a convert from the sales world, having sold software for Parametric Technology Corp (PTC) to JD Edwards (bought by Peoplesoft which was bought by Oracle) and eCommerce software. I am trying to gain access to this solution and provide it to my high school students at Brookfield, CT. Along with a colleague here at Brookfield, our vision is to provide dynamically built problems sets for students that will provide ubiquitous access to practice as well as immediate feedback (this last part ties back to excellence work by Dr. K. Anders Ericsson).

I downloaded the LiveDVD and installed on an old box here at Brookfield. But, because our DMZ/firewall configuration, I can either serve a solution internally on our LAN or externally (this is still untested and questionable), but not both (only confirmed through a short-lived Moodle installation at our school).

I am looking at hosting the solution as an alternative solution, but installation at two different hosts seems to be problematic. Staff seems to be unwilling to delve into solutions with which they are unfamiliar.

Thank you for your consideration. I hope this information is what you are looking for as a biography.

The quick version of CV

BS, Mechanical Engineering, US Naval Academy Certification, Teacher, Mathematics, Connecticut State Board of Education via Alternate Route to Certification MA, Educational Technology, University of Connecticut

Dana Cook 203.856.1344 cell