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I am working with faculty at the University of Regina to adopt open educational practices in their teaching and learning work. I am a mathematics instructor by training and am working with a faculty member who has installed WebWorK on his servers and is using it in his fall 2020 courses. He has given me access to WebWork so that I can work on creating question banks to be used by faculty within the University.

I am working as the Manager of the OER Publishing Program at the University of Regina( as well as an instructional designer in the Flexible Learning Division of the Center for Continuing Education. There is a need for cost effective alternative assessment tools for faculty to use in their courses. I have worked with commercial tools such as MapleTA (now Mobius Courseware) for a number of years in a Canadian Polytechnic (Saskatchewan Polytechnic) while teaching various Mathematics and Statistics courses.

I am also exploring the use of WebWorK within LibreTexts platform in their Remixer. I recently was granted access to their system as I explore different options for faculty to be able to use in creating open educational resources. The University of Regina recently adopted PressbooksEDU as their OER development platform which carries an institutional cost. Many STEM faculty will not find it suitable as a development tool. LibreTexts seems to be more suited to the STEM areas in this case.

As a latex user, I have also seen the use of WebWorK in the PreTeXt books ( which is appealing since the book can then be a more interactive and engaging experience for students. I am exploring the use of this for some of the OER I have created to make them more engaging for students. in the same vein, I attended a Ximera workshop in October 2018 ( which achieves the same goals using s different approach.