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Amazon Cloud allows users to try WeBWorK for free for a year. After that year the cost is 6 cents per hour of actual use.

Getting your Amazon Cloud Account

1. Go to Amazon EC2 and create an account. Fill in your login credentials Sign-in-Amazon.jpg
2. Go to Amazon Web Services signup AWS-signup-small.jpg
3. Enter payment information. You may be charged a penny to validate your credit card information, but no real charges will occur until a year from signup.
4. Amazon will verify your identity by phone, so make sure you have a phone or cell-phone nearby. Once you start the initialization, you will be asked to enter a PIN via the phone. This completes the verification.

Getting WeBWorK

Note: Click on images to see more detail if so desired.

1. Log in with your email and password
2. Make sure you choose the US East (N. Virginia region). This can be changed if necessary at the top right of your screen. There is a drop-down menu next to your name that allows you to choose the region. (You will need to create a security group before launching the instance) Launch-instance.jpg
3. Launch with Classic Wizard (which is the standard setting) and click continue Classicwizard.jpg
4. Choose "CommunityAMIs", which should be the third tab from the left. CommunityAMI-small.jpg
5. Enter 'webwork' in the searchbox and set the images to "public images". The search may take a while (up to a minute or two), but at some point WeBWorK will appear in the list. Once WeBWorK appears click select. SearchAMI.jpg
6. On the next screen hit continue at the bottom of the page for instance details. You may need to hide your dock on your computer to enable you to enlarge the screen enough to be able to see the continue button. ChooseInstance.jpg
7. The next two screens just click on continue: one for advanced options, the other for storage device configuration.
8. Next you name your machine: click and edit the name box. NamingServer.jpg
9. The next screen asks you to name your key-pair: enter your login name and click on "Create and Download". Next save the file on your computer. Keypair.jpg
10. The next screen requires no action: just continue
11. Review the information and click launch
12. Wait for the Instance to be loaded. Next click on select. Note the URL at the bottom of the page and go to this URL. You will need to append "/webwork2" to the address. The URL should look like: ec2-xx-xx-xxx-xxx.compute-1/webwork2

(There seems to be some configuration steps missing here like editing the global.conf file)