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| Pace University || cs || http://www.csis.pace.edu/~scharff/webwork
| Pace University || cs || http://www.csis.pace.edu/~scharff/webwork
| Penn State Altoona || 8 courses || http://webwork.aa.psu.edu:8080/fall08/
| Penn State Harrisburg || 8 courses || http://webwork.hbg.psu.edu/webwork2/
| Penn State Harrisburg || 8 courses || http://webwork.hbg.psu.edu/webwork2/

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Active WeBWorK sites

List of active WeBWorK server sites surveyed November 2008.
86 separate active servers that we can locate via google search.

Add your site if we've missed it.

Institution Approx # of courses in Fall 2008 url
Alabama State University many http://lrc.alasu.edu:81/webwork2
Alfred University 9 courses http://webwork.alfred.edu/webwork2
Arizona State University 86 courses http://webwork.asu.edu
Black Hills State University 1?+hosted2 http://newton.bhsu.edu/webwork2
Brigham Young University (with Moodle) http://www.math.byu.edu/~mckay/webwork.php
Bucknell 4 http://webwork.bucknell.edu/
Carroll College 31 http://math2.carroll.edu/webwork2/
Chapman University (CA) 7 courses http://math.chapman.edu/webwork2/
CUNY, Baruch many http://math.baruch.cuny.edu/webwork2
CUNY, Staten Island many http://www.math.csi.cuny.edu/webwork2
College of Idaho 6 courses http://docralph.collegeofidaho.edu/webwork2/
Colorado State University 1?
Columbia University 16 courses http://www.math.columbia.edu/webwork2/
Cornell College ???
CSU Dominguez Hills 7 courses http://math.csudh.edu/webwork2/
CSU Fresno 71 courses http://webwork.csufresno.edu/webwork2
CSU Long Beach many http://bosna.natsci.csulb.edu:8888/webwork2/
CSU Northridge 68 courses http://webwork.csun.edu/
CSU Pomona 5 courses http://webwork.sci.csupomona.edu/webwork2/
CSU Stanislaus 2 courses http://webwork.math.csustan.edu/webwork2/
Dartmouth 5 http://math.dartmouth.edu/~m8f08/webwork.html
Gannon University 1 http://webwork.gannon.edu/webwork2/
Hobart William Smith?? 1 course http://math.hws.edu/webwork2/
Howard U. 9 http://butcher.math.howard.edu/webwork/
Indiana University integrated with oncourse http://kb.iu.edu/data/aihg.html
Gannon University 1 course http://webwork.gannon.edu
Gonzaga 2 courses (down from 8) http://webwork.cs.gonzaga.edu/webwork2/
Lafayette College, Easton PA 3 courses http://webwork.lafayette.edu/webwork2/ROOT001/
Louisiana State University 41 https://webwork.math.lsu.edu/webwork2/
Louisiana Tech U. 28 courses http://webwork.latech.edu/webwork2
Loyola University (MD) 4 courses http://math.loyola.edu/webwork/
Loyola University of Chicago 16 courses https://webwork3.math.luc.edu/webwork2
Marywood University -- C. Zhang http://www.drzhang.net/webwork2 http://www.drzhang.net/
McGill University 1 http://msr02.math.mcgill.ca/webwork2/
Metropolitan State College of Denver many http://math.mscd.edu/webwork2/
Morgan State University 50 courses http://mathlab-webwork.morgan.edu/webwork2
NNorthern Arizona University *many** http://webwork2.math.nau.edu/webwork2
Ohio State University Moodle and WW1.9 18 courses https://webwork2.math.ohio-state.edu/moodle1_5/index.php
Oregon Institute of Technology 5 courses http://tangent.oit.edu/webwork2
Pace University cs http://www.csis.pace.edu/~scharff/webwork
Penn State Altoona 8 courses http://webwork.aa.psu.edu:8080/fall08/
Penn State Harrisburg 8 courses http://webwork.hbg.psu.edu/webwork2/
Purdue University Mechanical engineering http://www.itap.purdue.edu/tlt/facultyshowcase/webwork/index.cfm
Radford University 10 courses http://ru-webwork.radford.edu/webwork2/
Rochester Institute of Technology physics http://coswebhost.rit.edu/webwork2/
Rutgers University 17courses http://webwork.rutgers.edu/webwork2/
Salish Kootenai College macos server 5 courses http://perljam.skc.edu/webwork2/
Tempe Union High School District many http://webwork.tuhsd.k12.az.us/webwork2/
San Diego State Univ. 8 courses http://webwork.sdsu.edu/webwork2/
Sewanee University (TN) 9 courses http://webwork.sewanee.edu/webwork2/
Stockholm University, Sweden 2 courses http://webwork.math.su.se/
St. Louis University 5 courses http://academic.slu.edu/webwork2
SUNY Geneseo 6 courses http://webwork.geneseo.edu/webwork2/
SUNY Stony Brook 3 courses http://webwork2.ams.sunysb.edu/webwork2/
Texas Tech University 71 courses http://webwork.math.ttu.edu/webwork2
The College of New Jersey 17 courses http://fermat.tcnj.edu/webwork/
Truckee Meadows Community College many http://bartok.tmcc.edu/webwork2/
UC Irvine 71 math, chem and physics https://homework.ps.uci.edu/webwork/
UC Mercer 7 courses http://mathww.mercer.edu/webwork2
UC San Diego 1 course https://math107.ucsd.edu/webwork2/
UC Santa Barbara 22 courses http://homework.math.ucsb.edu/webwork2/
Union College 12 http://omega.math.union.edu/webwork2
University of Calgary 26 courses http://webwork.ucalgary.ca/webwork2/
University of Georgia 37 courses http://webwork.math.uga.edu/
University of Hartford many http://math.hartford.edu:8200/webwork2/
University of Maine 23 courses http://webwork.umemat.maine.edu/webwork2
University of Mass Lowell 12 courses http://webwork.uml.edu/webwork2
University of Massachusetts 6 courses http://webwork.math.umass.edu/webwork2
University of Michigan https://instruct.math.lsa.umich.edu/webwork2/
University of Minnesota, Morris 6 courses http://webwork.morris.umn.edu/webwork2
University of Missouri ??????
University of New Hampshire many http://web-homework.sr.unh.edu/webwork2/
University of North Carolina at Charlotte 36 courses http://webwork.uncc.edu/webwork2
University of Northern Colorado 8 courses https://mathit.unco.edu/webwork2/
University of Oregon 2 courses http://euclid.uoregon.edu/webwork2
University of Portland 3 courses https://appsthree.up.edu/webwork2/
University of Rochester 15 courses http://webwork.math.rochester.edu/
University of Rochester many -physics http://phlnx3.pas.rochester.edu/webwork2/
University of Texas Pan America 10 courses http://webwork.utpa.edu/
University of Utah 23 courses http://www.math.utah.edu/online/ww/classes.html
University of Virginia 29 courses http://webwork.itc.virginia.edu/
University of Virginia-Stat 6 courses http://webwork.stat.virginia.edu/webwork2/
University of Warwick, UK physics dept http://webwork.spec.warwick.ac.uk/webwork2/
University of Wisconsin -- Madison 4 courses http://webwork.math.wisc.edu/webwork2
University of Wisconsin Stout 2 courses http://redcedar.mscs.uwstout.edu/webwork2/
University of Wyoming 25 courses http://webwork.math.uwyo.edu/
Vanier College many http://euler.vaniercollege.qc.ca/webwork2/
Washington University 5 courses http://webwork.wustl.edu/
West Virginia University 4 courses http://webwork.math.wvu.edu/webwork2/
Worchester Polytechnic Institute 6 courses https://webwork.wpi.edu/webwork2/
CAPA?? http://www.phys.ufl.edu/~avery/course/2049/s2005/webwork.shtml
Ragawski -Freeman site many http://rogawskiwebworkdemo.com/webwork2/

Active WeBWorK courses hosted at U. of Rochester server for other institutions

These courses are hosted on the servers at http://hosted.webwork.rochester.edu and http://hosted2.webwork.rochester.edu

Fall 2008 47 Universities, Colleges and High Schools
92 courses
American University 2 courses
Black Hills State University 1 course
Blackstone Valley Tech HS 1 course
Brock University 2 courses
Boise State University 2 courses
California Lutheran University 3 courses
Carthage College 1 course
Cypress Bay High School 1 course
Coe College 4 courses
College of San Mateo 3 courses
Cleveland State University 1 course
Denison University 1 course
Franklin and Marshall College 4 courses
Franklin and Marshall College 1 course
Golden West College 2 courses
Interlochen Arts Academy 3 courses
Indiana University Kokomo 1 course
Jackson State University 2 courses
Judson University 1 course
Le Moyne College 1 course
Lynbrook High School 6 courses
Massachusetts Maritime Academy 3 courses
Mt. Morris Central School 1 course
Miami Springs Senior High School 2 courses
Northern Illinois University 1 course
Niagra University 1 course
Northwest Missouri State University 1 course
Oregon State University 1 course
Peninsula College 1 course
Pierce College (CA) 1 course
Pacific Lutheran University 3 courses
Pomona College 1 course
Qatar University 3 courses
Skidmore College 2 courses
Soka University of America 1 course
St. Michael College, NL 1 course
SUNY Brockport 1 oourse
SUNY Old Westbury 6 courses
SUNY Potsdam 5 courses
UMass Boston 1 course
University of the Pacific 1 course
Unidad Profesional Interdisciplinaria de Ingenieria, campus Guanajuato, MX 4 courses
University of Wisconsin at Stevens Point 1 course
Worcester Academy 1 course
Willamette University 3 courses
Winona State University 1 course

Sites using WeBWorK1.9

A few of these may be dormant sites that are not in active use

Carrol College, MT last activity Spring 2007
now using webwork2 (see above)
Colorado State University 1 course
Detroit Country Day School 16 courses http://webwork.dcds.edu/
McGill University 8 courses
see also webwork2 above
Ohio State University with Moodle see first table
Seoul National University many http://webwork2.math.snu.ac.kr/
University of Akron 1 course http://golovaty.math.uakron.edu/webwork/linalgf08/
SUNY Stony Brook 4 courses http://webwork.ug.cs.sunysb.edu/webwork/cse113Sum02/
Syracuse University last active spring 2007 http://webwork.syr.edu/webwork/mat296/
UC Santa Barbara 1 course (see also webwork2 above) http://webwork2.math.ucsb.edu/webwork/math3b-01-F08/
University of Rhode Island dormant http://www.math.uri.edu/~pakula/111webf5/webwork.htm

Missing or Dormant Sites

Sites which have "gone off the air" or moved to new urls which couldn't be located (November 2008)

Adams State University deathstar2.math.adams.edu—webwork2
Buffalo State University
Calvin College
Case Western Reserve University
Gustavus Adolphus College
Harvard University
Johns Hopkins University undergraduate.mat.jhu.edu—math.htm
Keele University www.keele.ac.uk—research.html
Lake Superior State University webwork.lssu.edu
Penn State Altoona last 2004 webwork.aa.psu.edu
University of Montana http://web.math.umt.edu/patterson/341/ active spring 2008
Wichita State University www.math.wichita.edu—balakris