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URL WeBWorK News (before August 2010)
Link to this site's "Site News" forum.
Managing a WeBWorK course File Overview and tutorial of every day management of a WeBWorK course
This .pdf contains a brief overview of what WeBWorK does, an overview of the kind of problems it can handle followed by a tutorial guide in how to operate its main features: entering a student classlist, creating a homework set, assigning the set to the class, downloading the scores of completed homework sets.
Page More tips on managing a webwork course
A day in the life of a WeBWorK professor. With informtation on how to construct a problem set, send e-mail, score homework sets, and much more using WeBWorK2 (and link to old WeBWorK1.9 notes as well).
New Features and Development Ideas Page segmentedEditor
A very rough example of what a segmented edit page for problems could look like, that could be easier for new users.
Page segmentedEditor2
Page segmentedEditor3
Yet another version of a segmented editor
Page segmentedEditor4
Another segmented editor, that shows how context options could be set in a GUI
Page bottomOfEditProblemForm
A suggestion for the bottom of the edit problem form
Page bottomOfEditProblemForm2
Another version of the edit form, more strongly based on the current form
WeBWorK references File ReengineeringTheArchictectureOfWeBWorK
David Gage, Claude Richard, Zhiyuan Wu;  University of Waterloo

WeBWorK Servers Page webwork logos
Some sites have created their own customized webwork logos
AIM WeBWorK working groups Page List of WeBWorK working groups and leaders
These working groups were formed at the AIM - WeBWorK workshop August 5-10, 2007. If you are interested in one of these projects contact the leader.