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Arnold K. Pizer - WeBWorK Session at MathFest in Burlington, VT

Arnold K. Pizer - WeBWorK Session at MathFest in Burlington, VT

by Arnold Pizer -
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userArnold K. Pizer - WeBWorK Session at MathFest in Burlington, VT  blueArrow
6/5/2002; 9:03:44 AM (reads: 1311, responses: 0)
WeBWorK Session at MathFest in Burlington, VT
There will be a session on WeBWorK at
MathFest 2002, The Annual Summer Meeting of the Mathematical Association of America

Burlington, Vermont August 1-3, 2002

The seesion will be held on Friday, August 2, 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Information on the general meeting can be found at

The purpose of this session is to bring together people who are currently using or thinking about using WeBWorK. Representatives of several groups who currently hold NSF CCLI A&I grants to adapt and implement WeBWorK will be present, as will representatives from many of the universities and colleges currently using WeBWorK. Major topics for discussion will be (1) setting up a national library of WeBWorK problems and coordinating the various groups around the country that are writing WeBWorK problems and code, (2) people's experience using WeBWorK and suggestions for improvements, and (3) strategies and tools for assessment.

The following is a list of presenters:

Tom Shemanske (Dartmouth): Using WeBWorK in general (and in particular at Dartmouth) and teaching other faculty how to use it.

Bill Ziemer (Cal State Long Beach), John Jones (Arizona State), and Jeff Holt (Virginia): WeBWorK problem library issues. Also how WeBWorK works at their institutions and installation issues.

Mark Schmitt (Detroit Country Day School): Using WeBWorK in high schools.

William Wheeler (Indiana): Experiences using WeBWorK with very large numbers of students. Also mod_perl and other adaptations.

Vicki Roth (Rochester) and Angelo Segalla (Cal State Long Beach): WeBWorK and Assesment. Tools, strategies and results to date.
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