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Jason Farmer - Where are the PDF files put together?

Jason Farmer - Where are the PDF files put together?

by Arnold Pizer -
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inactiveTopicWhere are the PDF files put together? topic started 6/30/2002; 9:39:27 AM
last post 7/12/2002; 8:34:29 AM
userJason Farmer - Where are the PDF files put together?  blueArrow
6/30/2002; 9:39:27 AM (reads: 1518, responses: 2)
Hello again everyone,

I am making some progress on my PDF download problems that happened a couple months ago. I was examining the .eps (enhanced postscript) documents a little closer (which contain the graphs that are created to be inserted into a PS) and found that the graphs, which are causing all of my problems are the size of a full sheet of paper. Then whichever program that assembles the .ps file with the text in it and the .eps files is not resizing the image to fit into the designated area. Does anyone know where the sizes of the .eps files is specified? Or even which program assebles the .ps generated file and the .eps files?

Thank you again for everyone that has been helping me with this problem!

You can click here to download the specific PDF which I am viewing. In Adobe Acrobat Reader you can take the "grabber" hand and move the document quickly up and down and see the text "hidden" behind the blank page.

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userArnold K. Pizer - Re: Where are the PDF files put together?  blueArrow
7/4/2002; 1:09:54 AM (reads: 1792, responses: 0)
Hi Jason,

Since no one else has had this problem and since in the past a large per centage of the few people who are running WeBWorK under Solaris have had trouble with graphics packages (probably with netpbm and/ or other components of ghostscript), this is where I would look for a solution. I'm in Crete right now (as is Mike) so I don't have access to previous emails, etc. Off the top of my head, I know that Indiana, Michigan, and the University of Hartford are running under Solaris. I would suggest contacting someone at these sites and asking exactly what versions of the packages they are using. Some of this info may be on the page that lists implimentations. Once you figure this out, it would be very useful to others if you post it and we will add the info to the above page.

For some reason it seems this type of problem is much more prevelent under solaris. A similar problem (which may now be solved since I haven't heard about it lartely) is finding a good version of latex2html for solaris. If you have one, posting that info might be useful for others.

Arnie Pizer

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userJason Farmer - Re: Where are the PDF files put together?  blueArrow
7/12/2002; 8:34:29 AM (reads: 1850, responses: 0)
Finally, a solution to our notorious problem! After a lot of hard work by Ed Oakes at Radford (thank you again Ed!), we have come across several solutions to our problems regarding downloading problems in PDF form.

Our version of latex2html is latex2html-2002-1 and the changes we needed for everything to work properly on our Solaris system were these...

Things that we learned from this were:

>Programs used to generate typeset files: (latex2html) >--------------------------------------------------

>latex2html -> CALLS -> ps2img (MUST BE MODIFIED) > >Programs used to generate formatted text: >---------------------------------------

>tth (MUST SET PATH in webwork/system/lib/ > >Program used to generate Downloadable files >----------------------------------------

> >NOTE: webwork/system/cgi/cgi-scripts/ > calls all of these routines. > >1. If Graphics Exist in file use gif2eps to > convert the gif file to eps. > webwork/system/scripts/gif2eps (requires netpbm) > >2. After tex file is created from various problems > we will use latex (requires teTex) to convert > this to a dvi. > >3. After dvi file is created we use dvips (from teTex) > to create a PS file. > >4. After PS file is created we use gs (from Ghostscript) > to create a PDF file. >

FIXES DEPLOYED on July 9th 2002 ========================== > >latex2html Fixes >-------------

>1. local/latex2html-99/ MODIFIED > Add "-verbose " to pnmcrop line so that it now reads > as follows: > PNMCROP = '/home/webwork2/local/netpbm/bin/pnmcrop -verbose '; > >2. local/latex2html-99/ps2img MODIFIED > ## -sides added as an additional option when > ## pnmcrop is called with -bot or -$edge > > if ($edge =~ /[tblra]/) { > if ($edge =~ /b/) { $cmd .= "| $PNMCROP -bot -sides " } > elsif ($edge =~ /a/) { $cmd .= "| $PNMCROP " } > else { $cmd .= "| $PNMCROP -$edge -sides " } > } elsif ($edge =~ /s/) { > print "Running $cmd > $tmp\n" if $DEBUG; > rename ($tmp,$in) unless system("$cmd > $tmp"); > > #RRM: shave at most 2 rows of white from the bottom > $cmd = "$PNMCROP -bot -sides < $in "; > > >Ghostscript Fixes >--------------

>Uncompress std and other fonts into the directory >~webwork2/local/share/ghostscript/fonts > >gif2eps Fixes >----------

>Modify webwork/system/scripts/gif2eps and add the >option -nosetpage to the pnmtops command. > >cat $1 | $GIFTOPNM | $PPMTOPGM | $PNMTOPS -noturn -nosetpage 2>/dev/null >> $2

We want to thank everyone once again for the support that Rochester and other WeBWorK users have given!

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