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Mark Schmitt - Static images

Mark Schmitt - Static images

by Arnold Pizer -
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inactiveTopicStatic images topic started 7/20/2002; 4:41:25 AM
last post 7/23/2002; 6:37:26 AM
userMark Schmitt - Static images  blueArrow
7/20/2002; 4:41:25 AM (reads: 1311, responses: 1)
What image formats are supported for static images. I know that .gifs are supported. What about .jpeg?

Also, are any "movie" formats supported? I have teachers that would like to be able to put video clips into problems, and I would love to help them achieve this if possible.

Thanks in advance.


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userArnold K. Pizer - Re: Static images  blueArrow
7/23/2002; 6:37:26 AM (reads: 1615, responses: 0)
At present .gif and .png are the only supported formats. If you look at gif2eps and png2eps in the system/scripts directory you will see that we use the Ntepbm utilities (see giftopnm, pngtppnm, etc. to convert to eps format for hard copy output.

It would be very easy to support .jpegs as there is a jpegtopnm program. Also there is a anytopnm which we should probably use. The documentation says "anytopnm converts the input image, which may be in any of dozens of graphics formats" but never says what these formats are.

For movie formats you could at present enter a link to an html page and from there have students access the movie.