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George Jennings - PDF graph download on RedHat 7.3 PC server

George Jennings - PDF graph download on RedHat 7.3 PC server

by Arnold Pizer -
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inactiveTopicPDF graph download on RedHat 7.3 PC server topic started 7/28/2002; 1:38:16 PM
last post 8/18/2002; 11:49:39 AM
userGeorge Jennings - PDF graph download on RedHat 7.3 PC server  blueArrow
7/28/2002; 1:38:16 PM (reads: 1931, responses: 1)

I'm setting set up a WeBWorK system on a pentium PC running RedHat 7.3 Linux. I'm having the exact same kind of problem getting PDF images to display properly as Jason Farmer describes in his 6/30/02 and 5/17/02 messages. The images of graphs don't display properly on problem Set0 -- they flash on very quickly, appear too large, and then disappear along with most of the page. Exactly the same thing happens if you download the TeX files and the graphics files and try to display them with xdvi.

Does anybody know how to fix this problem on a RedHat Linux 7.3 system? I tried to implement the fix that Jason Farmer described in his 6/30 message but I couldn't see exactly how to adapt his modification for the Solaris ps2img script to fit my RedHat pstoimg script without screwing up something else. There seems to be something fishy about the way cropping is done but I don't understand what's going on here well enough to fix it.

Everything else seems to work just fine.

I'm running perl 5.6.1 and a version of latex2html called "jLaTeXHTML version 2002 (1.62) JA patch 1.4" that comes with RedHat 7.3.

George Jennings

Math Dept.

California State University, Dominguez Hills

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userGeorge Jennings - Re: PDF graph download on RedHat 7.3 PC server  blueArrow
8/18/2002; 11:49:39 AM (reads: 2210, responses: 0)
The fix for this problem is a subset of the solution that Jason Farmer described in his 6/30/02 posting. First I reinstalled WebWorK using Bill Ziemer's Makefile (posted here 8/11/02) to eliminate any mistakes I may have made. This didn't solve the problem so I made the following two modifications to the file /usr/local/webwork/system/scripts/gif2eps

1. Comment out line 10, so that it reads

# are in different locations, do so below:

2. Following Jason Farmer's suggestion, add -nosetpage to the options of pnmtops in line 19. With this change line 19 now reads

cat $1 | $GIFTOPNM | $PPMTOPGM | $PNMTOPS -noturn -nosetpage 2>/dev/null > $2

(all on one line).

This fixed the problem. contains a discussion of Encapsulated Postscript that explains why "-nosetpage" should be there.

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