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Amanda Danforth - Classlist Information

Amanda Danforth - Classlist Information

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There are many different ways you can make and import a classlist. Also, there are many tools on the Internet that allow classlist editing. However, in order to ensure that you have access these tools, you must first give yourself professor permissions with an initial import using the script

After that, it is best to import a classlist given to you from your registrar on the Internet. If you have already been given professor permissions, and have access to the professor page, then see Making a Classlist below.


If you copied all of the course related material in your setup from blankCourse in Setting up a WeBWorK course then you should have a generic classlist file in your templates directory. We will use this classlist file (blankCourse.lst) as an example.

The first thing you'll need to do is rename blankCourse.lst into mth141.lst. Do this by entering the command

mv blankCourse.lst mth141.lst

If you did not copy course related material from blankCourse, then it would be easiest if you create a generic classlist file that includes a few practice users, and yourself. See Classlist format for information on the format for the classlist file.

At this time, you should have a classlist file called mth141.lst. The next step in the initial import is to run the script The correct syntax is mth141 mth141.lst

The last step in the inital import is giving yourself professor permissions. You can do this by running mth141 apizer

This gives the professor apizer the correct permissions. Now you can login to your course, and use all the professor page tools. See Tutorial on managing a WeBWorK course for more details on these tools.


The classlist file is mth141.lst. Right now it just includes you as the professor and some practice users. We need to import all the students and initialize the database.

First, get an electronic comma delimited class roster from your registrar. Manipulate it by removing any header material and making sure that it is in the correct format. See Classlist format for an example of a correctly formatted classlist. Make sure you add yourself, any other professors, and TAs as well. Also, save your classlist in .csv format.

If you are a University of Rochester professor, you can use the following script to put a class roster (e.g. ClassRoster.txt) from the registrar into the correct format. ClassRoster.txt mth141.lst Pizer

This sets the section field to "Pizer" and leaves the recitation field empty for all users.

If you are at a different institution, and have large classes to set up, it wouldnt hurt to edit so that it takes your registrars format and translates it into a classlist form that is acceptable to WeBWorK.

Now that you have the classlist in the correct format, it is time to initiate it from the professor page. Go to the Classlist Utilities page.

The first thing you need to make sure you do is to "lock" the database. (See option 1).

Then, go to option 6 to do your uploading.

Be careful with the options, especially which of the last three you select. The thing you want to be careful of is that you do not delete yourself from the classlist database or change your status to drop.

Thus, use the option "Leave the student's records in the classlist database unchanged" so that youre not removed. The safest thing to do is to make sure everyone who should be in the course (including yourself) is listed in mth141.lst and then it doesn't really matter what options are selected.

Now that you have your classlist all set up, make sure you give other professors "professor" permissions by running mth141 gage

Also, dont forget to give your TAs "TA" permissions by running mth141 ad001h


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