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Lars Jensen - Sample essay question?

Lars Jensen - Sample essay question?

by Arnold Pizer -
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inactiveTopicSample essay question? topic started 9/9/2002; 7:08:11 PM
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userLars Jensen - Sample essay question?  blueArrow
9/9/2002; 7:08:11 PM (reads: 1246, responses: 2)
Can I do essay questions with Webwork? Where can I find some samples?

Thanks, Lars

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userArnold K. Pizer - Re: Sample essay question?  blueArrow
9/11/2002; 8:54:42 AM (reads: 1530, responses: 0)
Hi Lars,

I'll assume that you want a human to score the essay.

1. You can have essay questions emailed back to you. This is how the questionnaires are handled. Look at setSampleQuestionnaires and modify accordingly (e.g. you would want to associate the student's name with the response) . Obviously an essay question will be a lot simpler than a questionnaire.

2. You can use an ANS_BOX to ask students to write their essay and write a dummy string answer evaluator that e.g. responds that their answer has been recorded and assigns say 0 points. Then you can (using item 3 from the prof page) view the student's answer. Note that if you do this you should probably increase

$maxSizeRecordedAns = 256; (in or redefine it in

At present this is set so that it only saves answers in the database if they are less than 256 bytes long. If they are longer, nothing is saved. This is what allows students (and profs) to go back to their old answers and was not designed with essay questions in mind. We should change this so that if an answer is longer than $maxSizeRecordedAns, then only the first $maxSizeRecordedAns are saved in the database (we don't want to store a huge document a student might paste into their answer).

3. Jeff Achter <> at Columbia built on the ideas in 2 and modified some of the webwork code so that TA''s and Prof's could easily view and respond to students essay answers. Jeff sent us his code but unfortunately we haven't had time to add this to WeBWorK. You can contact him for more info on this.


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userArnold K. Pizer - Re: Sample essay question?  blueArrow
9/13/2002; 3:14:52 AM (reads: 1500, responses: 0)
In WeBWorK 1.8, long student answers are truncated to a length of $maxSizeRecordedAns characters and then saved in the database. This is useful for saving essay type answers.

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