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Andrew L Vogel - Hacked and Permissions

Andrew L Vogel - Hacked and Permissions

by Arnold Pizer -
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inactiveTopicHacked and Permissions topic started 10/2/2002; 7:47:44 AM
last post 10/2/2002; 8:41:39 AM
userAndrew L Vogel - Hacked and Permissions  blueArrow
10/2/2002; 7:47:44 AM (reads: 610, responses: 1)
Hi all, Over the weekend we were hacked into, and all of mat295 was deleted except for the directories.

Anyway I have a system up now with demoCourse working fine. I've tried to restore mat295 from backups in two ways.

1. I copied the entire mat295 backup directory structure and then ran the course setup script. Everything I've tested works, except that when a problem is typeset I get

Error: /usr/local/webwork/system/cgi/cgi-scripts/ createDirectory error

Can't do chown(-1,502,/usr/local/webwork/system/courses/mat295/html/tmp/l2h/11-83525/)

and indeed the directory 11-83525 is owned by www-data.www-data and the ownership cannot be changed to andrew.MAT295. I've tried several things here none have worked.

2. I created a new course mat295a ran course setup etc, then copied in all the mat295 directory structure, same problem occurs.

Perhaps most perplexing is that if I try to typeset the problem a second time it works.

I'm about ready to declare defeat on using the backups.


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userAndrew L Vogel - Re: Hacked and Permissions  blueArrow
10/2/2002; 8:41:39 AM (reads: 793, responses: 0)
And I've moved the mat295 DB and keys and *.sco files to demoCourse and that seems to be working. Yippee.

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