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WeBWorK events at 2008 Joint Math Meetings (JMM) at San Diego

WeBWorK events at 2008 Joint Math Meetings (JMM) at San Diego

by Michael Gage -
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I'm reposting the notice here in addition to the main WeBWorK news site, because it is currently hard to read the WeBWorK news site. It can be read if you are NOT logged in or if you are logged in as a guest -- but it is unreadable if you are logged in to the site as an authenticated user.

(Once we figure out why this is so we'll fix it :-) meantime I hope to see you in San Diego. -- Mike )

The main news site is:


There will be several presentations on WeBWorK during the Joint Mathematics Meetings in January 2008 in San Diego, CA

Mon Jan 7, 2pm -- 4pm

MAA Poster Session on Projects Supported by the NSF Division of Undergraduate Education (2pm to 4pm)

  • WeBWorK, a Web-based Interactive Homework System.
    Michael Gage*, University of Rochester
    Arnold Pizer, University of Rochester
    Vicki Roth, University of Rochester

  • A Comprehensive WeBWorK Problem Library.
    Jeff Holt, University of Virginia
    John Jones, Arizona State University
    William Ziemer, California State University, LongBeach

  • Appropriately Using WeBWorK, WebAssign and Maple in Calculus I and II.
    Bryan Dorner*, Pacific Lutheran University
    Daniel Heath, Pacific Lutheran University
    Jessica Sklar, Pacific Lutheran University
    Jeffrey Stuart, Pacific Lutheran University

Tue Jan 8 8:40am

MAA Session on Innovative and Effective Ways to Teach Linear Algebra, II

8:40am Using WeBWorK in linear algebra labs.
Karen Clark*, The College of New Jersey
Thomas Hagedorn, The College of New Jersey

Tue Jan 8 1:00 p.m.-2:20 p.m.

MAA Special Presentation: A quick introduction to WebWork, a web-based interactive homework system.

Michael E. Gage, University of Rochester
Arnold K. Pizer, University of Rochester
Vicki Roth, University of Rochester

Followed by

The annual WeBWorK symposium

Tue Jan 8: 5:15 ---> 7:30pm at an eating house to be determined

The WeBWorK Symposium, where we gather to eat, drink and discuss WeBWorK will be somewhere in the Gaslamp Quarter 5:30 to 7:30...or later. Hope you can come, friends are welcome.

We will post a notice in this news group and on the message board at the JMM meeting once we have found a suitable location.

and then another presentation

Wed Jan 9 2:30pm

MAA General Contributed Paper Session, X

2:30pm WeBWorK to stimulate reading: computational versus conceptual problems.
George R. Exner*, Bucknell University
Mary D Shepherd, Northwest Missouri State University