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Lars Jensen - debian packages for webwork 1.8 install

Lars Jensen - debian packages for webwork 1.8 install

by Arnold Pizer -
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inactiveTopicdebian packages for webwork 1.8 install topic started 12/3/2002; 2:39:37 AM
last post 3/25/2004; 4:08:07 PM
userLars Jensen - debian packages for webwork 1.8 install  blueArrow
12/3/2002; 2:39:37 AM (reads: 1404, responses: 3)
We run Debian Linux and just upgraded from Webwork 1.7 to Webwork 1.8, and in case someone are pondering doing the same, I thought it might be useful to post the packages needed for the upgrade:

If you already have Webwork 1.7 running, you'll need the following extra packages to run Webwork 1.8 (and compile dvipng). Make sure all dependencies are satisfied:


You'll also need to download and compile dvipng if you want the typeset2 display mode.

The preview-latex-style package is only distributed with debian unstable, but can be installed (manually) on debian woody or debian sid also. This package may not be strictly necessary as the important files in this package seems to be included with the dvipng that can be downloaded from John Jones site.

If you are doing a full install of Webwork 1.8 (not an upgrade from 1.7), then you'll also need these packages:



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userJohn Jones - Re: debian packages for webwork 1.8 install  blueArrow
12/3/2002; 12:33:58 PM (reads: 1732, responses: 1)

Since you mentioned preview-latex, I thought I should chime in. You would not need that package if you download the package from my site. At the moment, you would still need the part from my site because dvipng is currently an unofficial part of the preview-latex package.

Installing both versions of preview-latex won't hurt anything. Depending on your system, you might have more trouble installing the current preview-latex as opposed to the version from my site. Ultimately though, we will just have a pointer to the main preview-latex site for both it and dvipng.

I had e-mail earlier today that autoconf support for dvipng is in the works, which should make it easier to install.


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userBrian R. Furry - Re: debian packages for webwork 1.8 install  blueArrow
3/25/2004; 4:08:07 PM (reads: 1442, responses: 0)

dvipng-0.9 is now a debian package.


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userJan-Åke Larsson - Re: debian packages for webwork 1.8 install  blueArrow
3/27/2004; 4:22:42 PM (reads: 1733, responses: 0)
That's odd. dvipng has used autoconf for ages. Are there problems?

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