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Jun Wang - Removing the score files

Jun Wang - Removing the score files

by Arnold Pizer -
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inactiveTopicRemoving the score files topic started 12/20/2002; 12:11:05 PM
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userJun Wang - Removing the score files  blueArrow
12/20/2002; 12:11:05 PM (reads: 981, responses: 2)
Now that the semester is over. We are considering to recycle the courses used in this semester rather than creating new ones for the next semester. I first exported and downloaded the existing classlist and then uploaded and imported a new classlist.lst. I also deleted all the used problem sets.

When I got to the score page I saw that it was empty, no set was shown. However, after I rebuilt these sets again, the score page still showed these sets and indicated that they had been scored. I had to remove the existing score files from the scoring directory.

Is there a way to do this from my browser? Many teachers here want to do everything from the browser. Thanks.

We are trying to compile a user's manual for teachers using browsers only. Many topics were selected from this forum. Anybody interested can check it out at

Please let me know if anything is incorrect. Merry Christmas!


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userArnold K. Pizer - Re: Removing the score files  blueArrow
12/20/2002; 1:10:19 PM (reads: 1178, responses: 0)
Hi Jun,

Thanks for the URL for "Frequently Asked Questions for Teachers". This will be very useful.

There is no way to delete old scoring files via the web but there are a lot of things you should delete that can not be deleted via the web. Here is a list.

Delete everything under


Note that the tmp directy is often in a different location if you follow our recommendations. Also some stuff under tmp can be deleted via the web but the l2h (for typeset) and png (for typeset2)directories can not be.

Under course/DATA/ delete all the .sco files and the course_webwork_DB file.

If you do not delete all these files you may not run into trouble but there is a possibility (probably small) that you will. I would never take the chance in a course with real students.


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userJun Wang - Re: Removing the score files  blueArrow
12/20/2002; 6:53:20 PM (reads: 1191, responses: 0)
Thanks, Arnie,

We will be careful. That idea was to give teachers who do not want to use Unix more freedom in managing their courses. If it cannot be done entirely with a browser, we may just create new courses since the disk space right now is not an issue.

Merry Christmas!


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