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Peter Jipsen - CVS access

Peter Jipsen - CVS access

by Arnold Pizer -
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inactiveTopicCVS access topic started 1/13/2003; 8:36:26 PM
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userPeter Jipsen - CVS access  blueArrow
1/13/2003; 8:36:26 PM (reads: 750, responses: 1)

I'm new to WeBWorK and am wondering how one can access the CVS repository to download a whole directory of problem sets rather than just individual .pg files (the latter is no problem using a browser).

Also it would be useful if the problem sets included information (eg a readme file) about the course in which they were used, such as what book the course was based on etc. (This was also mentioned in more detail in an earlier discussion (May 2001) by Ken Appel about sharing problems.)

Particular problems sets for "standard" calculus courses would also be useful. The library of problems that comes with WeBWorK is huge, and the work involved in picking out a subset that is managable by students is significant. I suppose the success of a WeBWorK based course depends to some extent on the length and quality of the problem sets.

At Chapman University we use Stewart's "Calculus", 4th edition. Are there WeBWorK installations that have courses covering Ch 1-6 (Calc I) and/or Ch 7-12 (Calc II) for this book?

Thanks for your help, Peter

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userArnold K. Pizer - Re: CVS access  blueArrow
1/13/2003; 9:01:19 PM (reads: 961, responses: 0)
Hi Peter,

If you want to see the actual problems used in a course taught from Stewart's "Calculus", connect to (Calc I) and (Calc II).

Login as practice3 and download hard copies of the assignments. The actual problem file names will be shown. If you are lazy and want to save a little work, we could even send you the set definition files.

One thing some people do is to find a course whose problems they like, copy the set definition files from that course, and then add and delete problems to meet their specific goals.


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