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Michael Gage - Cloning a course

Michael Gage - Cloning a course

by Arnold Pizer -
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inactiveTopicCloning a course topic started 6/4/2003; 10:15:07 AM
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6/4/2003; 10:15:07 AM (reads: 569, responses: 0)

Problem: You want to clone and rename an existing WeBWorK 1.8 course.

In my case this was the first step in moving a course that used GDBM as a database to one that used mysql. I didn't want to destroy the original course, hence the need for a clone.

We'll call the course myCourse1 and create myCourse2

  1. Copy the directory containing myCourse1 to myCourse2
    1. cp -RPpi myCourse1 myCourse2
    2. The tags RPpi insure that permissions are preserved and that the directory is copied recursively (i.e. the subfolders are created and duplicated)
  2. In myCourse2/html/index.html there are two references to myCourse1 which need to be changed to myCourse2 They are in the HTML code operating the "login" button on the index page.
  3. In myCourse2/ there are two references to myCourse1 which must be changed to myCourse2
  4. In the directory myCourse2/DATA/ change
    1. myCourse1_classlist_DB to myCourse2_classlist_DB and
    2. myCourse1_webwork_DB to myCourse2_webwork_DB
  5. In the directory myCourse2/DATA/.auth change
    1. myCourse1_password_DB to myCourse2_password_DB and
    2. myCourse1_permissions_DB to myCourse2_permissions_DB
  6. Finally you need to create a link to the new course html directory. For example:
    1. ln -s /ww/webwork/courses/myCourse2/html /ww/htdocs/myCourse2
    2. allows me to reach the index page with the URL

That seems to be about it. You can send feedback to me, Mike Gage if you have difficulties or suggestions and I'll update these notes.

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