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Mark Schmitt - Using to preview

Mark Schmitt - Using to preview

by Arnold Pizer -
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inactiveTopicUsing <ENTER> to preview topic started 8/3/2003; 5:54:17 PM
last post 8/3/2003; 5:54:17 PM
userMark Schmitt - Using <ENTER> to preview  blueArrow
8/3/2003; 5:54:17 PM (reads: 782, responses: 0)
It was brought up in Boulder this week that people would prefer that an <enter> result in the answers being previewed rather than submitted.

By changing the order of the preview and submit buttons in, this is easy to do.

The change should be made around line 853. Replace "Submit Answer$s" with "Preview Answer$s" and in 854, do the opposite.

This change works for IE 6.0 and Opera 6.04. I don't have any other browsers to test on right now.


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