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Jan-Åke Larsson - Typeset2 and vertical alignment

Jan-Åke Larsson - Typeset2 and vertical alignment

by Arnold Pizer -
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inactiveTopicTypeset2 and vertical alignment topic started 12/8/2003; 8:46:40 AM
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userJan-Åke Larsson - Typeset2 and vertical alignment  blueArrow
12/8/2003; 8:46:40 AM (reads: 465, responses: 0)
I have been playing around with the vertical alignment of formulas.
(Images below are from my website and may not display correctly forever.)

Here is a simple equation test.png, with no vertical alignment.

Here is the same equation test.png, with the ALIGN="center" tag, as used in typeset2 currently.

In dvipng-0.8, there will be a command line option that gives the "depth", the number of pixels below the baseline, on stdout. Then one can align (in a CSS-aware browser) on that baseline, like so: test.png using STYLE="vertical-align: -8px". Nice, eh?

One can give STYLE="vertical-align: -8px" ALIGN="center", which is interpreted as just the STYLE tag in my browser, and presumably as the ALIGN tag in an oldish browser.


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