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Sherman Wong - addcourse and defaultClasslist.lst

Sherman Wong - addcourse and defaultClasslist.lst

by Arnold Pizer -
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inactiveTopicaddcourse and defaultClasslist.lst topic started 4/22/2004; 7:43:37 AM
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userSherman Wong - addcourse and defaultClasslist.lst  blueArrow
4/22/2004; 7:43:37 AM (reads: 888, responses: 3)
I created some trial classes using the script "addcourse" in WeBWorK v.2  and ran into a problem with mimicking the format found in defaultClasslist.lst.  Is the format of this list correct for "addcourse"?

Below is a description of the problem that arose:

In defaultClasslist.lst, there is an entry where the user "professor" has the status of "P".  I initially created another class list with an entry for the user who is the course instructor and associated with the user the status "P".  I also added the option "--professors=" to the script command "addcourse".  After the course was created,  I entered the user ID and the password for the instructor.  The response was that the instructor had been dropped from the class. 

After a couple of unsuccessful trials of correcting the problem by deleting the course completely and executing "addcourse", I changed the status of the instructor from "P" to "C", along with the option "--professors=", and the instuctor was recognized as the "professor" with the correct level of access.

What did I do wrong?

Thank you.

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userSam Hathaway - Re: addcourse and defaultClasslist.lst  blueArrow
4/23/2004; 3:07:51 PM (reads: 1091, responses: 1)

"P" is not a valid status. "C" indicates a current user, other values indicate users who are not current for some reason (i.e. "W" indicates withdraw, "D" indicates drop).

Where did you get your defaultClasslist.lst file? The one distributed with WeBWorK 2 lists the status of the user "professor" as "C". -sam

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userSherman Wong - Re: addcourse and defaultClasslist.lst  blueArrow
4/26/2004; 7:33:28 AM (reads: 1291, responses: 0)

I used one from one of the previous versions of WeBWorK v.1.x(?) and didn't realize that the files were different.

I apologize for the mix-up.


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userArnold K. Pizer - Re: addcourse and defaultClasslist.lst  blueArrow
4/26/2004; 2:39:25 PM (reads: 1081, responses: 0)


Just to be slightly more precise, in a WW 1.9 classlise file C (or anything begining with C) represents a current user and anything else represents someone who had dropped.  I think WW2 is the same.  Thus your "P" was considered a drop.

Usually all you see in classlist files are C's and D's.




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