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Arnold K. Pizer - WeBWorK at MathFest

Arnold K. Pizer - WeBWorK at MathFest

by Arnold Pizer -
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WeBWorK at MathFest
The MAA's Annual Summer Meeting (MathFest) will be held in Providence, RI August 12-14 (see for details).

Arnie, Mike, and Vicki will present a two hour introduction to WeBWorK at the meeting.

INTRODUCTION TO WEBWORK A WEB BASED HOMEWORK SYSTEM Michael G. Gage, Arnold K. Pizer, and Vicki Roth, University of Rochester Saturday, August 14, 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm Below is the description of the session from 04_maas.html.

We invite all current users who are attending MathFest to drop by and say hi.

WeBWorK is a program which allows students to do their mathematical homework over the web. It is currently being used by over 70 colleges, universities and high schools in courses such as college algebra, pre-calculus to vector calculus, differential equations, linear algebra and statistics. WeBWorK can handle most homework problems found in a typical calculus text and is distributed with a library of over 3900 problems. With WeBWorK students get immediate feedback on the validity of their answers and have the opportunity to correct mistakes while they are still thinking about the problem. Students receive individualized versions of problems so instructors can encourage students to work together yet each student must develop an answer to their own version of the problem. Further WeBWorK provides automatic scoring of assignments. This session will provide an interactive introduction to WeBWorK. We will demonstrate how students use WeBWorK, how professors administer WeBWorK and write new problems and will also discuss various assessment issues related to WeBWorK. Further information on WeBWorK can be found at<
Posted by Arnold K. Pizer on 6/15/04; 2:50:03 PM
from the dept.


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