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Upgrading webwork and transferring courses.

Re: Upgrading webwork and transferring courses.

by Michael Gage -
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Automatic upgrading of the database entries for old courses is not easy and the current wwdb_upgrade is not foolproof. We are working to improve the robustness for the next release. Because of this make sure that you use the rel-2-4-patches release of wwdb_upgrade
(cvs update -r rel-2-4-patches wwdb_upgrade)

The HEAD version of wwdb_upgrade is being worked on and is not yet reliable.

If you update the rest of your webwork2 software to rel-2-4-patches you will find that I've changed a couple of the "die" messages to "warning" messages when archiving and unarchiving courses. This will warn you that some of the tables are missing but it will not stop the whole archive or unarchive process.

This will make it easier to work around the fact that once courses are out of sync WeBWorK cannot always recover automatically. It may need some manual intervention either to update the mysql database or to update the directory structure and bring things back in sync.

-- Mike