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Using wwdb: command line vs. web interface

Re: Using wwdb: command line vs. web interface

by Nathan Wallach -
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This is an old thread, but I could not find anything about a script to import classlist files into an existing course.

So, I hacked up and am testing a new script for importing a classlist file into an existing course. At present, it borrows code from lib/WeBWorK/ContentGenerator/Instructor/UserList2.pm but in the long run, the core code should be moved to a new module file in lib/WeBWorK/Utils and the called from the script and the UserList2.pm files.

Note: It is currently set up to add users which do not exist, but to skip (and not replace) users which already exist in the course.

I have done some initial testing when the script is put in webwork2/bin and run using syntax like:

./importClassList.pl courseName path_to/classlist.lst

Any feedback would be welcome.