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Michael Gage - WeBWorK 2.1 candidate is available

Michael Gage - WeBWorK 2.1 candidate is available

by Arnold Pizer -
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inactiveTopicWeBWorK 2.1 candidate is available topic started 10/28/2004; 11:58:49 PM
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userMichael Gage - WeBWorK 2.1 candidate is available  blueArrow
10/28/2004; 11:58:49 PM (reads: 5128, responses: 0)
WeBWorK 2.1 candidate is available
The WeBWorK 2.1 candidate is ready. It has been running on our servers ( and for a few weeks now. It's definitely ready for use on experimental servers and servers with small loads. Those with large numbers of students using the servers should proceed cautiously about upgrading in the middle of a semester.

The release notes are here:

The main requirement for the upgrade is to add to the list of modules available to the Apache server. I suggest installing first before upgrading to avoid the nuisance messages about missing modules.

After updating from the CVS some modifications will need to be transferred from the new conf/global.conf.dist to conf/global.conf.

WeBWorK 2.1 makes improvements to the User Inteface for the instructors and also makes efficiency improvements on the use of the database. Many instructor operations have been speeded up, but a few, such as assignment of large numbers of students to a set remain to be optimized. If you would like to try out the new look-and-feel of WeBWorK 2.1 login to (or maa102, or maa103, etc.)

The login practice1 (with password practice1) will allow you to view the instructor operations. To see the student view login as practice2 (password practice2). These courses will be reset periodically -- do not expect anything to be saved for any lengthy period.

To download from the CVS, set your umask to 002 (to make sure that the server will have access to directories) and use

cvs update -A -d 
(or wwcvs update -A -d depending on your installation)

(the -A removes sticky tags and brings you to the current HEAD, the -d flag allows directories to be created. After November 1, 2004 use
cvs update -r rel-2-1-patches
to obtain WeBWorK 2.1 and related patches. The HEAD may have more experimental scripts available at that point.

Information on accessing the CVS is available at

Those wishing to host small classes or experimental WeBWorK courses on our server can email Mike Gage at

There are more complete installation instructions on the Wiki at:

We hope to have a tarball version of WeBWorK 2.1 ready early next week.

Please report progress and problems to Upgrading to 2.1
Posted by Michael Gage on 10/29/04; 12:02:28 AM
from the dept.


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