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Sherman Wong - "Submit Answers" button doesn't appear for students

Sherman Wong - "Submit Answers" button doesn't appear for students

by Arnold Pizer -
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inactiveTopic"Submit Answers" button doesn't appear for students topic started 2/24/2005; 12:52:11 PM
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userSherman Wong - "Submit Answers" button doesn't appear for students  blueArrow
2/24/2005; 12:52:11 PM (reads: 937, responses: 3)
One of my colleagues pointed out to me an oddity in a student's WeBWorK interface. Although the instructor is able to see the button "Submit Answers" on his interface, a couple of his students reported that they could not submit their answers because on their interface the submission button was not present. I've logged on to a different class that was set up for WeBWorK and noted the same oddity when I "acted" as a student. What have I overlooked? We are using WeBWorK 2.1.

Thank you. Sherman Wong

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userMichael Gage - Re:  blueArrow
2/24/2005; 1:51:19 PM (reads: 1161, responses: 0)
For instructors acting as students they will always see a "check answers" button rather than a "submit answers" button. This indicates that any work they do, such as submitting a test answer, will not be recorded. This includes (at least most of the time) -- the sticky answer feature that saves answers from one session to the next. During a single session, answers entered by an instructor will stay sticky while you are working on the same problem.

There was some discussion on this, but on balance it was felt best if the instructor could see the student's work, but could not modify it accidently (or on purpose). You can change the grade (a.k.a. status) when you edit a set for an individual student ("user") from the "instructor tools" page.

Students will see a submit answer button if their answers will count. If it is past the due date the "submit answer" changes to "check answer".

Its possible that the interface is misbehaving in certain circumstances and I'd like to know how to reproduce it. You won't be able to check it by acting as the student however -- you'll have to get their password (or change it to one you know) and login as the student to see the same effect. My first guess is that it is past the due date or there is someother reason why WeBWorK is not recording their answers for credit.

Hope this helps.

Take care,


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userJohn Jones - Re:  blueArrow
2/24/2005; 2:47:32 PM (reads: 1123, responses: 0)
Whether or not a professor can submit answers when acting as a student is configurable in global.conf. In almost all cases, this is what Mike said above - that professors cannot "submit" when acting as a student. You can change it for your site; the relevant value is record_answers_when_acting_as_student in the permissions section.


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userMichael Gage - Re:  blueArrow
2/24/2005; 3:11:19 PM (reads: 1142, responses: 0)
Thanks, John. I'd forgotten about that feature. :-)

-- Mike

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