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fuchsa@v... - apache hangs on redirect...

fuchsa@v... - apache hangs on redirect...

by Arnold Pizer -
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inactiveTopicapache hangs on redirect... topic started 9/14/2005; 8:58:26 PM
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userfuchsa@v... - apache hangs on redirect...  blueArrow
9/14/2005; 8:58:26 PM (reads: 334, responses: 0)
we are in the process of moving to dual processor, an amd64 sun system, running debian's port to amd64. now apache hangs on redirect to $webwork_courses_url = "/webwork2_course_files", e.g., on pdf or tex generation--and sadly sooner than anything is logged.

we've had webwork run on several machines under several different linuxes--and have never seen anything of the sort. i've tested three different revisions on this machine--all of which fail in exactly the same way. this leads me to believe the problem is in mod-perl, in maybe apache::redirect--and not in webwork proper.

still, i'm wondering whether anyone else has seen this sort of thing--and whether there's a fix.

the machine servicing webwork in the meanwhile is choking under the heavy load, i might just have to move to a different linux.

thanks in advance,


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