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William Hart - Minor Issue with Hardcopy Generation

William Hart - Minor Issue with Hardcopy Generation

by Arnold Pizer -
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inactiveTopicMinor Issue with Hardcopy Generation topic started 2/7/2006; 5:16:48 PM
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userWilliam Hart - Minor Issue with Hardcopy Generation  blueArrow
2/7/2006; 5:16:48 PM (reads: 341, responses: 1)
It seems that if a student logs in with their username, but with a slight difference in case, it will let them in, but they will not be able to generate hardcopy. It gives the error message:

"you do not have permission to generate hardcopy for other users."

Since I have mixed case in student usernames, I am wondering if there are any other features that have this same problem? Is there an easy fix?


Bill Hart UIUC

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userMichael Gage - Re: Minor Issue with Hardcopy Generation  blueArrow
2/7/2006; 10:18:13 PM (reads: 472, responses: 0)
I think this problem may have been fixed as well. Check to see if the file



is version 1.5 or later (look near the top of the code:

# $CVSHeader: /webwork/cvs/system/webwork-modperl/lib/WeBWorK/Utils/CourseManagement/,v 1.9 2006/01/26 21:45:42 sh002i Exp $ )

version 1.9 is the most recent. There were some changes made that affected case in moving from version 1.4 to version 1.5.

See for more details.

I can't reproduce the problem here in my courses using the latest updates. I find that login is case-sensitive -- I have to get the case right to even log in. On the other hand I can't enter two students whose user names differ only by case. If foobar is a user than I can't enter FooBar. I think this behavior is reasonable.

Hope this helps.

-- Mike

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