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christelle scharff - Saved answers

christelle scharff - Saved answers

by Arnold Pizer -
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userchristelle scharff - Saved answers  blueArrow
3/2/2006; 1:47:38 AM (reads: 350, responses: 1)

I notice the following:

I set up a problem with unlimited attempts. I submit 70% of the right answers. Then I do the problem again but got 20% of the right answers.

BUT the score that is saved is still 70% and when I access the problem again I have the answers of the 20% of right answers.

Is it the way webwork works?



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userArnold K. Pizer - Re: Saved answers  blueArrow
3/2/2006; 8:18:51 AM (reads: 472, responses: 0)
Hi Christelle,

Yes, this is how the default scoring mechanisms work. You can write custom ones, but very few people do.

Basically the current score on a problem is saved in the database as the "grade" on the problem. This "grade" is replaced only if a higher score is obtained by the student. Students are not penalized if they want to attempt the problem again. Also if another student obtains someone's login and password, they can not lower a student's score (of course they could use up a student's attempts on a problem with limited attempts but we have never heard reports of this).


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