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Bill Ziemer - old webwork problem broken

Bill Ziemer - old webwork problem broken

by Arnold Pizer -
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inactiveTopicold webwork problem broken topic started 4/4/2006; 3:38:55 PM
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userBill Ziemer - old webwork problem broken  blueArrow
4/4/2006; 3:38:55 PM (reads: 455, responses: 3)
The problem file: setAlgebra30LogExpEqns/ and one's like it seem to be broken under the webwork2 (with parser enabled). The problem asks for two answers, and says leave second answer blank if there is only one solution. The code uses:

$ans1 = ln(-$a); $ans2 = "";

ANS(std_num_cmp($ans1)); ANS(std_str_cmp($ans2));

but there is no way to get the second answer counted as correct. Is there an easy fix?

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userArnold K. Pizer - Re: old webwork problem broken  blueArrow
4/4/2006; 4:40:04 PM (reads: 571, responses: 0)
Hi Bill,

See the discussion$3795

In particular, Davide Cervone wrote (toward the end):

OK, I have fixed the Parser to handle emtpy strings. You can use

to get a blank string checker. I have also modified to not count empty answers that are marked correct as blank answers. This means that you won't get the "n unanswered questions" warning (nor the contradictory "all the answers are correct/at least one is NOT correct" messages). Finally, I modified the MultiPart object to work with blank answers.


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userDavide P. Cervone - Re: old webwork problem broken  blueArrow
4/4/2006; 8:02:43 PM (reads: 560, responses: 0)
Note that you will need to use
at the top of the problem in order to be able to use the String() function.


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userBill Ziemer - Re: old webwork problem broken  blueArrow
4/5/2006; 12:22:55 PM (reads: 568, responses: 0)
Excellent! Thanks, that did the trick.

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