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Mark Hamrick - WebWork Install Notes

Mark Hamrick - WebWork Install Notes

by Arnold Pizer -
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userMark Hamrick - WebWork Install Notes  blueArrow
7/7/2006; 9:56:46 AM (reads: 568, responses: 5)
Notes from Users Installing Webwork

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userMark Hamrick - Re: WebWork Install Notes  blueArrow
7/7/2006; 9:59:41 AM (reads: 644, responses: 0)
I started installing Webwork on Debian today. I noticed two packages were no longer available via apt. The two packages are tth and libtime-hires-perl. This will not be an issue, I have built tth from source and CPAN will take care of the Perl module.

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userSam Hathaway - Re: WebWork Install Notes  blueArrow
7/7/2006; 12:40:08 PM (reads: 629, responses: 0)

Thanks for the notes. TTH apparently didn't make it into the Debian stable, but it is available in Debian testing. As for Time::HiRes, Debian's currently shipping with Perl 5.8.4, and Time::HiRes is a standard module since 5.8.0.

I've modified the installation manual to take this into account.

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userMark Hamrick - Re: WebWork Install Notes  blueArrow
7/7/2006; 4:17:14 PM (reads: 638, responses: 0)
Just in case anyone is interested, here are some notes that I have taken on getting WW to install on RHEL4 an Fedora. I may update this more later, but I don't recommend using RHEL or Fedora because we have had some versioning issues with certain packages. This text is based off of the work that Sam and Mike did on the Twiki Install guide, I have just listed the different package names.

Perl WeBWorK requires Perl 5.6 or greater. Package names: Debian: perl RHEL4, Fedora: Part of default install, perl

Apache WeBWorK requires Apache 1.3. Efforts are underway to make it compatible with Apache 2. WeBWorK requires that the mod_alias module be available. Most vendors compile their Apache packages with the necessary features enabled. Package names: Debian: apache RHEL4, Fedora: Compile from source.

mod_perl WeBWorK is a mod_perl application and requires mod_perl 1.x. If compiling mod_perl from source, use the EVERYTHING=1 flag to enable all mod_perl features. Most vendors compile their mod_perl packages with this setting enabled. Package names: Debian: libapache-mod-perl RHEL4, Fedora: Compile from source. I had to use the flags below to get the compile to work correctly. perl Makefile.PL EVERYTHING=1 DO_HTTPD=1 USE_APACI=1 APACHE_PREFIX=/usr/local/apache

MySQL In WeBWorK 2.2, only MySQL database are supported. The deprecated GDBM database has been removed in this version. WeBWorK 2.2 is primarily tested with MySQL 4.0. It also reported to work with MySQL 4.1 as well as recent versions of MySQL 3. Package names: Debian, Fedora, RHEL: mysql-server, mysql-client

LaTeX WeBWorK requires LaTeX for generating hardcopy output and displaying mathematics graphically. Any standard LaTeX distribution that provides the commands latex and pdflatex should work. We use TeTeX. Package names: Debian: tetex-bin, tetex-extra RHEL4, Fedora: tetex, tetex-latex

Netpbm WeBWorK requires Netpbm to convert images among the GIF, PNG, and EPS formats. Package names: Debian: netpbm RHEL4, Fedora: Compile from source.

dvipng WeBWorK uses dvipng to display mathematics graphically. It is only required if you wish to use the images display mode. WeBWorK is initially configured to work with dvipng 1.0 or greater, but can be reconfigured to work with dvipng 0.8 or 0.9. dvipng requires the preview.sty file from the preview-latex package. Package names: Debian: dvipng, preview-latex-style Fedora: preview-latex-common-0.9.1-1.fedora.noarch.rpm

TtH WeBWorK uses TtH to display mathematics as formatted HTML. It is only required if you wish to use the formatted-text display mode. Package names: Debian: tth RHEL4, Fedora: Compile from source.

All Perl Modules were pulled from CPAN.

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userMark Hamrick - Re: WebWork Install Notes  blueArrow
7/14/2006; 10:36:29 AM (reads: 593, responses: 0)
I found another module that is required under PERL on Debian Stable that had to be installed: SOAP::Lite. apt-get install libsoap-lite-perl took care of the issue.

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userMark Hamrick - Re: WebWork Install Notes  blueArrow
7/20/2006; 9:23:17 AM (reads: 552, responses: 0)
In the installation guide, there is misspelling on the line below:

$ cd /opt/webwok2/conf

This should be cd /opt/webwork2/conf. Not really a big deal, thought I would point it out though.

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