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resetting student passwords

resetting student passwords

by Andrew Knightly -
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Just some more input on this archived discussion from Jan 2006:
(My comments at the very bottom)
Gavin LaRose - permission level to change passwords
1/4/2006; 8:36:06 PM (reads: 439, responses: 1)
Hi all,
I'm setting things up for our new semester, and the following struck me. To be able to reset a student's forgotten password, a user must have permission to modify_student_data. Which then allows the user to reset the user's permissions, add and drop students from the class, etc.

It seems to me that permissionLevel of modify_student_password_only would be useful for large multi-section courses where a TA has responsibility for the day-to-day activities of the course but not the setup of the system.

Am I missing something here (other than the bother of actually implementing it)? Any other thoughts pro or con?

Arnold K. Pizer - Re: permission level to change passwords
1/5/2006; 12:34:27 AM (reads: 565, responses: 0)
Hi Gavin,
This seems reasonable to me also and I think would be a good addition.

But in my experience, students rarely forget their password, so it's not that critical.

Andrew Knightly:

Our university is incrementally moving away from using SSN as student ID.
Students who don't release them to use SSN get a random 9-digit number which doesn't show up on their ID card. Anyhow significant numbers of Freshmen don't know their passwords and I've had requests from faculty to give their TAs permission to do it. So such a feature would be welcome for us.