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Essay Answers and pretending it's past due

Re: Essay Answers and pretending it's past due

by Raghu Gompa -
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Dear Davide, thank you very much for your post.

I have asked the question about pretend past due button, because I was intrigued by it presence not knowing where it came from.

I am also interested to know about this button, because I wanted to create similar buttons for various problems (discussions) in various problem sets. Let me explain further:

I have problem sets MyGoals, MyJournal, MyParticipation. First two sets have only one question and the last one has 5 questions. In order to go the discussions, you need to go through several pages. I wanted to create one page with buttons to jump between pages for "view all" discussions. In order to achieve that I need to set a variable ($mydir) to different paths of directories with a click of a button.

I am thinking in these lines (I am writing this in a hurry - it may have some mistakes - it is not tested yet):

'<DIV ID="source_button" STYLE="float:right; margin-right:2em; text-align:right">'
. '<SCRIPT>'
. 'function submitForm () {'
. ' $mydir="/Discussion/MyParticipation";'
. '}'

. 'function submit1Form () {'
. ' $mydir="/Discussion/MyJournal";'
. '}'
. 'function submit2Form () {'
. ' $mydir="/Discussion/MyGoals";'
. '}'
. '</SCRIPT>'.

'<INPUT TYPE="button" VALUE="MyGoals" onClick="submit2Form()"> '
. '<INPUT TYPE="button" VALUE="MyJournal" onClick="submit1Form()"> '
. '<INPUT TYPE="button" VALUE="MyParticipation" onClick="submitForm()"> '.'</DIV>'

.. Raghu