This bug is even more interesting than the last one!

Re: This bug is version dependent

by joel robbin -
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At the moment I got the PopUp s to work by using very bland strings. No leading blanks, nothing like a^{-1} or $SPACE or \( or \cdot. I guess it's good enough for my purposes. If the strings
in the call


are not bland the messages column that appears when the "Check answers" button is clicked will contain something like

Your answer should be one of By A=A+0 with A=b, ?, By 0+A=A with A=-a, By A+(-A)=0 with A=a, By A+(B+C)=(A+B)+C with A=b , B=a , C=-a, By the hypothesis that b+a=0 or None of the above

The strings that appear in this message are the values of the variables $arX1 ... $arX5, $none. I got the message to appear by putting a leading blank in one of the strings.