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"Change Values" button for instructors

Re: "Change Values" button for instructors

by Davide Cervone -
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I think your approach should work in the Library Browser when you use the View It link, but not in the main listing where there are multiple files shown -- that's because the problem's message area (where the button is placed) is not shown in the Library Browser.

One way to test for a professor is the following:

    if $permissionLevel >= $PRINT_FILE_NAMES_PERMISSION_LEVEL;
since $permissionLevel is the current user's permission level, and PRINT_FILE_NAMES_PERMISSION_LEVEL is usually at least professor level. You might want to use $effectivePermissionLevel rather than $permissionLevel if you want to avoid the re-randomize button when viewing student versions of the problems (so you don't accidentally re-randomize the problem in use by a student).