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finding std_problem_grader source

Re: finding std_problem_grader source

by Arnold Pizer -
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Hi Patricia,

There is a grader that does what you want and it works with reduced credit.

Look at custom_problem_grader_fluid in

Here is an example of the code that goes in a .pg problem:

$ENV{'grader_numright'} = [2,4];
$ENV{'grader_scores'} = [0.5,1];
$ENV{'grader_message'} = "You can earn " .
"50% partial credit for 2 - 3 correct answers.";

This example comes from The National Problem Library in directory FortLewis/Calc3/12-3-Contour-diagrams/HGM4-12-3-18a-Contour-diagrams/HGM4-12-3-18a-Contour-diagrams.pg. You should be able to find more examples there or search for "custom_problem_grader_fluid".